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Spaying and Neutering in Cedar Bluff, Virginia

Valley Animal Hospital offers spaying and neutering, as well as blood work and X-rays for the complete care of your animals in Cedar Bluff, Virginia. Prior to the surgery, we do pre-anesthetic testing to make sure they can go through the surgery.

We offer spaying and neutering for both cats and dogs. We recommend they be at least six months of age. They are required to stay overnight upon completion of the procedure. We recommend they do not have any food or water the night before the surgery.


We perform soft tissue surgery and bone pinning. If the animal has a clean break, we can do a cast. We also do cherry eye surgery if the gland on the eye is infected.

Dental Work

Our office performs dental cleanings and teeth extractions. We recommend that the cleanings are done every six months to a year.

Blood Work and X-Rays

Valley Animal Hospital does blood work in house and send out. We check the kidney and liver functions. We can also test to see if your dog or cat is diabetic. If so, we help manage the condition.

X-rays are done on site for broken bones, or for other problems such as a mass in the stomach or bladder stones. If the animal is vomiting a lot, we can X-ray to see if there is a blockage. Other X-rays are done to check the heart or lungs, to determine pregnancy, and to check for calcification or ruptured discs in the spine.

We sell shampoo, prescription food, vitamins, dewormers, and different products to treat fleas and ticks. If you have any questions about any of our services, be sure to contact our office.
Dog checking up by doctor — Blood Work in Cedar Bluff, VA
Take care of all your pet's needs by visiting our animal hospital today in Cedar Bluff, Virginia.